Founded by electric transport fans George and Julie Hayward, EV Scooters Canterbury Ltd gives customers the chance to choose from a wide range of quality electric scooters ideal for getting around. “We are a husband and wife team who believe that electric scooters and electric vehicles are the future in city transport,” the couple says.

“Following the sale of a business that we ran for 25 years, we wanted to have an interest in the electric vehicle field.”

Electric Scooters Canterbury currently has several models on offer. The Mango and Askmy X3 are practical, cost-effective, fold-up commuter scooters that can be transported in the boot of a vehicle, be unfolded and then ridden to your final destination. They may be ridden on the footpath, cycle ways or the road. No licence, rego or warrant of fitness required. 

The Storm Cruiser S scooter is designed for larger distances and has an option to fit a pillion seat to carry two people.They are particularly suitable for golfers and for off-road recreational fun.

With additional models in the pipeline, the future of Electric Scooters Canterbury Ltd will be an exciting journey based on their philosophy of providing a top quality, unique and practical product for the South Island